@ Punta Fuego--Mother's Day Weekend

We celebrated Mother's Day at Peninsula de Punta Fuego last May 9-10. Brian's house is AMAZING. We all love it! I was with my immediate family (including Miles and Mich), Tita Car, Tito Neng, my cousin Chesca and Therese and of course JD. We really had a blast. My brother said it's bitin. Hehe. In fairness, he found the trip more fun than his computer! It did rain but that still didn't stop us from enjoying and swimming! But, we gave up when we can't see anymore because of the heavy rain. Hihi. There are a lot of things to do besides swimming anyway. We played billiards, watched dvd, drink wine, tease each other and chat to death. It was the perfect chill weekend (after a bad work week!)... we didn't worry about our food or who'd wash the dishes because there were helpers there who did everything for us. The view was also breathtaking. :)

(early morning swim at Crescent Beach--we love this beach!)

(facade of the whole house! Ain't it nice?!)

(view from the 2nd floor)

(Ladies room)

(view from the billiards/mini theatre room)

(Crescent beach view)

(up to the boys room)

(my mom and me--oo na d kami magkamukha)

( we also enjoyed in the LOST BEACH! Love the stairway down to the water!)

(Beach we don't love that much except for this rocky area=--FUEGO BEACH)


(pool area and mini theatre--love the saltwater aquarium!)

(view from the balcony! Lovely.:))

(weh ano yan?)

(sala we also love---so cozy)

(mom and chesca night swimming)

...Thanks Cheeks for pushing me into reserving the place agad. :) Miles is already planning our big comeback! (2 days? d nga? :P)

View our pics at: paxieness.multiply.com


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