The Best Things in Life are FREE!

... the other day someone from Loreal called me (thanks a lot Vian haha) asking me to come for an interview for their product Garnier. She said they need some testimonials for maybe a commercial or advertisement in the future or just for documentation or reference. So yesterday I went to Crowne Plaza in Ortigas to get it over with. I came in and 2 nice people from a research firm greeted me. Sam (the nice girl who interviewed me) asked me about 20 questions (I'm not sure but it seemed like forever haha) about my usage, my opinions, and whatever shits. Bottomline---I said over and over that it is effective (I've been using their brightening eye roll-on for 2 months and it really is effective!) and I would recommend them to others. After the interview (my chair had sweat marks! Guess I'm still videocam shy. :P) they gave me a cool Garnier giftpack. Here's my lootbag:

... I love freebies! Haha!

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