...welcome back Beshie!

Clint's finally back! I missed you! Too bad I missed your welcome back painom, kc naman you should have texted me! Anyway, I'm really happy you're back. As I've said we may have a forever love-hate relationship but then it's mostly love, so... Haha. It was nice chatting with you yesterday! And I already told Mich thanks from you for making me happy. And that you feel it's different this time. I love you more for that, knowing you don't easily approve of people romantically linked to me. :P And that's a first! You're my worst critic and I hate you sometimes (haha) BUT I also know you're right most of the time and you know what's best for me. :) So..... I missed you! And I'll see you Saturday? Can't wait for you to meet Mich. :)

Send my love to your Mom. :)

Love you always!

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