Weekend Fiesta

So... last Saturday after work me and my family went to the mall to play Bingo with my mom. Its' crazy. Haha. We all bought our own bingo card (made of paper haha) held to our guns (a.k.a bingo markers) and played. In between games as we wait for our next battle (a.k.a official game coz they play special games) I tried to sleep (I dozed off for 10 minutes and woke up when I heard my mom said I'm sleeping with my mouths open..a lil embarassing), my sister and her bf Miles tried to eat every food they lay their eyes upon, my Dad illegaly drank his beer (beer's not allowed in the bingo hall but he sneaked some in), and Mich got addicted to Bingo marker abstract art. (Pictures to follow!). We didn't win anything, but we had fun.

Afterwards, Mich and I went to see T2. But we had to wait for an hour before the last full show, so.... we played arcade first. She forced me to play a game which was so embarassing to play (coz I had to duck and sidestep and whatever! I was really sweating afterwards! As in ubos poise konti na nga lang poise ko eh haha) . I looked freakin' hilarious.

So anyway, T2 was scary but not very much. (Not until after when I saw the dark hallway leading to the exit, I got scared coz its creepy! I dragged Mich to exit on the other side, funny!).

We went home afterwards. As usual, I passed out again.

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