We Heart...

Selecta's Gold Series Chocolate Truffles! Mich and I was also able to taste Hazelnut Brownie and the Berry Strawberry--BUT THIS we super love. We were able to finish one pint in one sitting! I love it because it is bittersweet (we also bought the coffee crumble with caramel bits and I swear I just developed diabetes after so i crossed it off our ice cream list). I love dark chocolate so it was just perfect for me and I really enjoyed the chunks of truffles/chocolates. Every bite is heaven!

...an 800 ml container is P160.

links: http://pinoyfood.nimrodel.net/2009/04/29/extra-creamy-selecta-gold-series-ice-cream-designed-by-top-chefs/ recadosfilipinos.blogspot.com

Lily swears after eating one bowl her batok hurts. Highblood? Haha. Mich said it's on top of the calorie-rich-foods list. But what the heck, it's addicting and delicious. Haha. With chicken, lotsa cheese, corn, mashed potato and gravy--it's a biological atomic bomb in one famous bowl.:) Yums.

... tie me to my chair later or else I'd be running off to Emerald Avenue to buy one!:P

This may be totally unrelated but I don't care--haha. But don't you just love Lady Gaga's lips (ah! fishie!) and her teacup friend?!

..well, I heard she just lost it in a London hotel and gone ga-ga (as in major tantrum) because of it. All for a teacup Made in China. Sad. Sad.

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