some Style Files

Since we work at night and the weekends are never enough to showcase our fashion finds and inspirations, the merch girls plus row 4 make everyday a dress up day!

(sweetheart plaid dress from ebay, black tank, thin cloth belt from ukay, black skinny cardigan, black flats from hk, silver heart necklace)

(fedora hat from hk which my mom forced me to wear since i just came from toncillitis, blue&white shirtdress & brown weaved boho belt from my fave thrift shop, diesel hobo bag)

OLD FILES (from last year):

(Nita bolero, old navy crochet tunic, green belt, shoes from Ate-Kuya!)

(Blue dress from multiply, yellow flats from ate-kuya)

(pleated polo from Nita, pleated school girl skirt from somewhere haha, Pink suede pumps from Juan)

(houndstooth tunic from ebay, long button down polo from SM depstore, purple tights from girlcloset, black ribbon ballet flats from janylin)

...i have to find more of my pictures, i am in the process of eradicating pictures in my office pc since it now constantly hangs it sucks... these are the only ones I found! Will upload more.:P

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