...I have been addicted to searching about anything pertaining to the Holocaust since Sunday. Articles, videos, whatever I can find. It got me depressed (oh yeah, super!) and it made me sick to my stomach (just watching the casualties and the heartless merciless killers).

Tuesday, I've been browsing since forever and I got hungry. Mich showed up at my door proudly holding an SM plastic bag with food in it. Excited--I got up to eat.

Then I saw what she brought--umm, baby back ribs? Maroonish, bone-ish? I had been in front of the computer for hours (as in hours!) looking at piled up dead bone-y dead bodies, and there I was eating ribs. I tried my very very best to ward off gruesome images while I was eating. BUT, I can't! So...I went to bed hungry. Oh well, I'm still thankful I am not Anne Frank (I love her).

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