... i just got home from the doctor. I have AGAIN acute toncillipharyngitis. I can't eat properly AND talk. It's super painful whenever I do. My doctor laughed when I entered the room and said out loud,"may sakit ka na naman?!". I know!!! I said I don't smoke anymore she asked me to have a complete bed rest for 3-5 days. WHAT?! I was already planning to go to work later but I guess I have to follow my doctors order this time especially when I still have fever. :c She also asked me to come back on Friday to have a flu vaccine. She also suggested that I just resign from my job. Haha. I don't know... I have never been this prone to sickness before. Maybe it really is my job that makes me sick all the time. It's not funny anymore.

So I again was given antibiotic. And was told to gargle Bactidol (unlike that doctor yesterday who asked me to buy Astringosol, wtf).

So here I am blogging my frustration away after drinking 4 multi-colored meds. A compleeeeete agony. Help me, I'm gagging.

* thanks to cheeks for being my personal nurse. And for lying to me by telling me i smell good even if I'm certain I smell like garbage. I love you.:)

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