Workplace Rants

..my work officially sucks. Including some people I work with. That's because it seems everyone in our compshop project will be receiving their bonuses for their efforts (minimal or not), and I--well, don't ask coz I'm close to breaking my computer monitor out of frustration and disappointment. Major effort, minor recognition. THAT SUCKS. I wouldn't even put into detail an email conversation I had because it only fuels up my hatred more and more and more. Just so you know and for the fucking record... I never, NEVER, asked for what I don't or never deserve. I never asked for a raise, and I never asked for something in return for works I've done. But this is just over the edge. Okay, this is INJUSTICE! This goes out to Lily too who's undergoing the same fate as me. Overworked and underpaid. While some people can work and play, we work like freaking robots. I even forget to pee sometimes! I'm close to dying from UTI and blindness and dementia. And all they could say to me is "That's what Intellicare is for". What the?!

Argh. Need some time to breathe. I need another vacation!

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