Sunday with the Rangers

Last Sunday I met up with 2 of my great great friends, Gsel and Cecille. They're my friends in St. Scho and Cecille (whom I fondly call sis) had been my pakner in college (in UST). So when Cecille called to ask me if I wuild like to have coffee with them I immediately said yes. I have been wanting to see them since forever (which was really hard to do given we have different scheds).

In the car after meeting up we were discussing where we'd be spending the afternoon. Haha. Our original plan was just to have coffee in Marquinton. After 30 mins. I found myself in Greenbelt Starbucks. Haha! We just sat there for hours just talking, laughing, and into some really serious catching up. I missed them. :) So much. :) We're planning for our weekend get-away but we haven't finalized anything yet (Cecille!!!). Maybe puerto?camiguin?palawan? Doesn't matter, I'd go anywhere with you guys just make up your minds already! Haha!

When Mich arrived we then transferred to Oodys for an early dinner. We love Thai food! Haha! The food we ordered would feed 6 people. Argh. I love their Pad Thai, bagoong rice, chicken with lemon grass, and spicy mangoes! Gsel ordered for their house tea, and when it came I swear I saw her jaw drop. It looks like coffee. Not quite what she expected. Haha! It suddenly became fear factor-ish and she made all of us taste it. It tasted like Gulaman. She swear it tasted like Taho. So our food savior Cecille swapped her Coke Light with Gsel's tea para daw hindi sayang. Haha!

So there, it was a Sunday well-spent. Let's meet more often girls.:)

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