Bad Day

He's soooo fucking annoying!!! Lord, kill me! Why don't he just stay home and spare us of his daily vocalization routine (that irritates me to death!) and his car business that we don't fucking care about! Argh! The only thing that's keeping me form ripping his throat to pieces is the thought that his end (in Branders) is near. And how can he fucking get away with all his bullshits? Is it because he came from "Ateneo"? What the fuck!!! He disrupts my peace and quiet and distracts me to hell with his annoying coughs and footsteps and singing and phone conversation pa-cool voice (boses bading naman duh!). And yung mga pa-smart niang hirit na pang-tanga naman talaga. Not cute!!! And his face, nakakahighblood talaga. It's annoying when you're busting your ass off working and sha ginawa ng office yung pantry. Unfair! He should have been terminated ASAP. He doesn't deserve a 1 month notice. Kahit nga 1 week notice eh! And to top it off, mga 3 times sha kumukha ng food sa pantry. hello cost cutting kaya! Kaya nga once lang pwede kumuha ng food dun d mo ba alam? And kung d mo alam ampanget ng food sa pantry, poorita ka! You can't earn without doing anything boy. I'm sure your school taught you that. Dahil kahit si Bill Gates nagwowork. Eh hindi ka si BIll Gates, kaya umayos ka! Che!!!

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