I was browsing through ebay and there was a cute dress that caught my fancy. BUT, what really caught my attention was the seller's item description:

This is a really nice dress i bought in powerplant. I never got to wear. super new.

size M.

shoulder to shoulder is usually 15-16.

for those who ask, my collection are from my travels both here and abroad. i just really have loads of stuff that I am not able to use. it crowds my room so much finally my dad told me to do away with them so now im selling. and also, i dont buy knock-offs, kaya my items are authentic. if they are signature brands, i guarantee the authenticity.

payment is via gcash. you can also pay via BDO account. depende on the no. of items you buy, i give discounts on shipping. my standard shipping rate is 100 MM and 120 other parts of the Philippines.

if you win, please contact me so ill know if you will buy. im ok with payment extensions, but please dont make me guess on whether you'll buy it pa or no na. im swamped with work all the time also.

and then, the items, i tell naman if its new, or the number of times i used it. so from that and the pictures, you'll know naman how it looks like. i just use normal camera. what you see is what you get.


Wala lang. So conyo lang. Marketing strategy kaya to? Loves.

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