Day 3: Lost in HK (Oceanpark/Ladies Market)

We woke up late. Headed to Oceanpark after eating at a fastfood in Admiralty station (the food was delicious..well after 5 mins we realized it really sucked). Afterwards we boarded a 629 bus headed to the other end of the island. I love double decker buses! Gives you the best view of the city. So... Oceanpark is like Enchanted Kingdom only bigger ( as in fucking HUGE that you need to ride a cable car if you want to transfer to the other area, meanng other mountain, with rides) and cuter. Haha. There are more rides, but we didn't really get on any since my fucking black flats (which I'm now happy to dispose!!!) might come of my feet while we're up on a rollercoaster. Food here is cheaper than in Singapore. But still a lil expensive (of course compared in the Phil). Mcdonald's stawberry sundae (with real strawberry bits! imagine my excitement!) tastes like food coloring a.k.a. plastic. But I still enjoyed my lil sundae treat. A bottle of water costs close to P100 inside the park. So I kind of died of dehydation. Haha. BUT BUT BUT the real reason why we went there is because of the Dolphin Show (which I love love love..aww). I also got excited to see the Giant pandas, but imagine my disappointment when we got on the Panda "dome" and saw there were only 3 pcs. of pandas, not counting the grandpa panda who got stucked up he looks like he's dead. Algene said he's sleeping. Yeah right, I swear for 10 mins. I stared at his tummy and it's not moving! Will post pics soon.

After 6 hours of exhausting ourselves we decided to call it a day (since I already look like a zombie, napping while walking, which only I can do, beh). We got off at Admiralty again for transfer to another MTR line, BUT then again I saw this big poster with tourist spots. Haha. I asked Algn if she wanted to visit the Ladies Market in MongKok since it's still early, and she said ok. So amidst our exhaustion and near-comatose mode state of mind, we transferred MTR lines and got off at Mong Kok station. And BOY how we loved it!!! When we stepped of the escalator and into the streets, I swear we seemed like little kids who goes to their first carnival. Haha! (as U2's City of Blinding lights played in my head)! There's gazillion lights (from establishments), bazaars (I felt like I was in 168), and its like a huge street-shopping party. We were suddenly filled with endorphins that we went around for 4 hours! Haha! We went home with 3 shopping bags on hand. Darn. And a LOT of pics of girls I stalked (fashion blog!). In HongKong chuck taylor is HUGE (everyone's wearing 'em!) and boots (it's a staple) and TIGHTS!!! Aiza this is where we belong!!! Hahaha.

So...Algn bought me my very first chuck taylor shoes in black! For $250 (about P1200+, it's cheaper than anywhere!). And errrr 3 flat shoes in violet, silver and black (bye bye singapore pulikat inducing flats!).

Super fun night, EXCEPT for the irritating elderlies who mindlessly bawled anyone over and talks as if they have megaphones attached to their mouths, I got super stressed I swear! Not to mention my feet injury because of an excited elderly who was super excited to get on the train he ran over my feet with his stroller. If it weren't for my happy pills (a.k.a SHOES) I would totally bitch away and snap at him! Oh well, I am on my happy pill. And I have no more room in my luggage. Shit.

We're now packing again for transfer to Cosmo hotel (at last! I am constantly struggling with the shower here in Yes Inn). And Algn just shouted, "No more shopping!!!".

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