INJURY WEEK: Excessive everything and some kinda short of something.

This is such a hard week, coz I can't smoke, eat fish sauce (or patis), seafood, chicken, chocolates, green mango, bagoong, chili, or any food which may cause further irritation and infection to my freshly stitched frankenstein looking teeth and gums (due to some peridontal shit I never understood even if my good friend/dentist Jopek explained it over and over. Alien lingo). SUCKS. Well, the surgery wasn't that bad except for some near lock-jaw experience due to excessive mouth opening. Haha. As ever, the whole process was easy breezy. After 3 shots of anesthesia I was down and out to some fairy fairy land. Umm, I wasn't unconscious demmit but I am consciously unconscious. Get it? I didn't feel a thing! I was just staring at her wall pattern. trying hard to control my eyes from resting in ethereal peace. I just realized how grave the situation was (well not really) when I saw blood all over her gloves and the millions of cotton she removes from my mouth. So anyway, after 2 hours of excavating, drilling, whizzing, saliva sucking, it was finally finally over. The right side of my face was motionless from all the anesthesia that whenever I speak and laugh only the left side of my face cooperates. The other half, well it squirms uncontrollably, I look fucking hilarious. Next time I would definitely bring someone with me. I had to take a cab home since I can't move half of my face and I could scare other passengers with my freaky facial movement. I still went to work that night. I was high from anesthesia. So they say. Haha.

The day after, my mom and I ate at Inasal Chicken Bacolod earlier at lunch. As I was sitting there, going over the menu I started feeling frustrated. Almost every food they serve have chicken or some fishy element in it! Then I thought, I would rather die right now if i'd get to eat anything I want and do anything I want than die of frustration and hunger! Arrrgh!!! So I ordered spareribs, since I was left with no freakin' choice.

I'm now here in the office...with a swollen right cheek. It seemed like it grew overnight. My cheeks hurt that I can't do my usual 5 minute make-up application routine. I can't pinch it, touch it, or lie down on it. I also can't talk (I went way beyond my talking limit yesterday, hence the swollen face) and smile out wide (like laugh out loud, hahaha). I hate it when my actions are very limited. Might as well put me in a straight jacket. And so, this situation stretched my office preparation time since I had to be extra extra careful when brushing my teeth coz it may cause excessive bleeding, put ice pack on my cheek for a few minutes before applying make-up, and gargle betadine or water with salt before leaving. I hate it! Here's me 2 days after surgery. Aiza took this picture to emphasize my swollen right cheek. But surprise!~ Too much skin was exposed, thus emphasizing one of my problem areas (excess skin on my legs aka cellulites). And no, that's not my flower power! Demmit!!!

... eerr, Smile.

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