HATIN' on a SUNDAY + Booked Saturday

My multiply account is broken! Argh! I can open it but I just can't upload anything and I can't access my Inbox. Darn! I have tons of pics to upload and I've done the verification process properly but there's still an error it's pissin' me off! I hope their customer service responds soon. :(

So anyway, last night I wasn't in comatose (as I usually am). I came home from work Saturday earlier than usual. My mom teased me why despite of my endless overtime (without fucking pay) I would still have a deduction for undertime pay. Oh yeah, why didn't i think of that? Of course I always think of that! And it's unfair!!! But it is life. And most of the time it's unfair. Offsetting overtime with undertime would make life sooo perfect, IF that happens. Which never will. So anyway I slept for 6 hours then 2 hours later I met up with my ex RDS-Accs Divisionmates. I super missed them! All I ever heard from them was how thin I got. *sighs* I know. And I know why. I would really really like to work within normal hours. Working at night is really not healthy for me. Well, soon. SOON. But for now, I'd have to put up with all the stress from work, eating once or twice a day and not having enough sleep. So going back, I missed them! And the food in CYMA (located at level 6 Shangrila) is delicious. I loved the salad and shrimp pasta. Try their iced tea, it's heaven. After catching up with them and making them laugh we then said our goodbyes and I met up with Aiza. We then headed for Greenbelt for our night out at Absinth (Greenbelt 3). I had fun the whole night except for the Guestlist screw up part. But nevertheless, I had fun. Thanks Lydia for getting them in. I also was able to see my other HS friends (not my HS kada) and we too did some slight catching up. After Absinth we then went to Starbucks to chill WHICH ended up with us making fun of people (i know it's bad but it's kinda amusing especially when you don't have anything more to do). The place is packed with foreigners, mostly of Iranian-Svity-looking people. Eek.

Although I wish we should have gone to The Fort (since the crowd there is better), it was still fun. Next time. Next time. :)

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