Fun Life of a Merchandiser Part0

We always have a lot of fun whenever US suppliers come over to visit. Aside from free dinners, lunch or Starbucks, well more than that we enjoy teaching them new things. There are some who are so familiar (you'd be surprised!) with our culture and some who are totally clueless. But nevertheless, everyone leaves this country amused and all of them said they will definitely come back. Almost of them also knows I have a gf, that's because my merch buddies assume they could out me anytime. Argh! Well, I don't mind anyway. And I don't care. Haha. So anyway, my favorite was Chris of Sweda! He really went out of his way to bond with us. Well umm I made him smoke even when he said he quit a year ago. Sorry. :) We also went to a karaoke bar within working hours (fun! with Claire's consent :P) afterwhich I can't work anymore out of intoxication. I also taught him the word "CHORVA". I guess he never discovered that it's actually a gay lingo. Haha. Here's Chris with us!

I also enjoyed Nina of Leed's visit. We were able to bond over champagne one morning in her uber nice suite in Discovery! AND, we taught her the merch "the Corrs" pose.

Too bad there's a Manila visit supplier curse going on. Basta! Still, it was still fun spending time with them. Especially one supplier (I wouldn't name her na lang) who's a super out lesbi it's so cool. Haha. And when she learned that I am too (of course they outed me again, as always) her stories never stopped. Haha.

I love being in merch coz aside form meeting people there are too a lot of... FREEBIES! :P

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