My New and Old Fam

My first job was in BPI as a teller. Two months after graduating from college having this orientation that bank jobs are fabulous and is the fresh way to start I applied in as many banks as possible. Haha. So as an excited and overwhelmed fresh grad I took the job, and I tell you the screening process was hell! We had to undergo an exam wherein the game was a 4 round emilination. After every test names were called and then "bye bye so sorry you didn't make it you had to leave". I was lucky to have surpassed all 4 tests. It didn't end there. We still underwent 3 interviews. The last one was the panel, wherein I was scrutinized by 3 senior managers. I tell you it's just like being in American Idol. So to cut the story short I ended up being a mainstay in BPI-Pasig Capitolyo branch where everyday the line is like a lotto queue. After 1 year I realized it was not the job for me, I have so much energy and just sitting there all day, caged, typing account numbers and amounts, and swallowing my saliva everytime since I can't chat long with anyone, I resigned. I was asked to stay and was promised to be transferred in new accounts but just imagining myself counting other people's money for the rest of my life was not very encouraging for me. I was lucky to have had super nice collegues. They were the best. And still are 'coz we still text each other.

After BPI, I joined Robinsons. I was applying for a marketing position but during that time their only opening was in merchandising. So after one whole day of tests and interviews, I got accepted as an Assistant Buyer for Homelines at first but on my first day I got transferred to Mens and Ladies Accessories. I tell you it's the most fun and uber fabulous job anyone could ever have. If the compensation was only umm better, I would have stayed. When you're in merchnadising in a Department Store you are required to dress up. Live up to your so-called reputation as the ones who are trendy, and have advanced fashion edge. After all, it's what you're there for. So it was there that I learned to really dress up. We can't look trashy coz everyday we have business meetings, with suppliers and with the big bosses. We have to be reliable, respectable and charming. Haha! It's the merchandising game... charm people. It's how we get better terms. It's how we get money.:P It's also where I met the person I am with now, but that's another story. So yeah, the job was a lot of fun. During my first day I got slightly shocked when my manager asked me to check out our area in Robinsons, Pampanga. My first day! I felt some kinda relief when she assured me we'd get back before 8. It was only my first day and it was already that exciting. After a few months I already got to visit almost all of Robinson's stores nationwide (except for the Island stores where you are required to ride a plane, that's the managers job hehe). We just love store visits coz we get to play around and sleep. Hehe! In summary it was the best job I ever had, especially when after a long tiring month you receive some news that your sales are uber positive. :) In BPI and Robinsons I always had the best Christmas coz I got to receive fabulous gifts! Gifts... not bribery. Haha! My favorite are of course GC's (as good as cash! haha), a Tommy Hil watch from my favorite concess No Curfew (I miss Vincent, Nette and Danny!), and okay.. cash (from rich bank clients hehe). Here are RDS friends whom I super miss:

* with Children's Department - Kitin, Cace, Candy, Mau, Rem, Diane, Macy and Och.

* RDS new year's party - last minute practice at Galleria. With the big bosses Ms. Malou, Boss Hope, Sir GC and Ms. Celina!:)

* Joey and Kitin's children's party haha! - Thistle, Yda, Ariane, Pats, Aimee, Cris, Evie, Angela.
* our lung center haha! - thistle,yda,kim,och,pats,sha,kitin and aimee

Most of the people in the pictures have now moved on to greener pasteurs (meaning where there's more money haha). So I did too. That's when I got to Branders. My interview with our then manager Lauren was eaaasy. It's more of a hello how are you talk than a what would be your contribution blah blah blah question and answer BS. So to make it short I got in as a Merch Asst. the job was easy! More than easy! Compared to my job in Rob. That's why I had a lot of time to chat, sleep and surf. Hihi. After a few months Yen asked me if I would like to be assessed for a Category Supervisor position, and I went for it. Sayang eh! Wala namang mawawala db? It was stressful coz we had to answer essays and speak with US reps. I got even more nervous when they said that the rep whom I would speak with got some sort of a reputation in merch. Masungit!!! hahaha! But when I spoke to him, he was surprisingly.. nice. Well after the interview his immediate feedback was that my voice sounded like a tin can. Great. So what? Di naman masakit! :p So after a few weeks I got to handle my very own category. Little categories, but it's a start. :) When the nightmareish retrenchment thing happened I was asked to handle one of the biggest and most annoying category of them all..WRITING. argh. I liked it though. After the second shockwave the once uber high energy merch girls were reduced from 16 or was it more than 16 (?) to 5 pcs. :( I always miss the fun fun times we had.

* Crazy.Sexy.Fun merch girls and boys. :)

* our last breakfast together as a team. :( at HEAT c/o our mother biatch Claire.:)
* my bestbud I super miss. :( I miss our long and short talks and our 4 am walks to mini stop.:)
* it all comes down to us. With lily who was our photographer that time.:) I will always be a merch girl by heart.:)

I will be in my 4th month in Marketing and though the work is stressful as in overkill stressful, I love it. I am also blessed with super nice teammates and a workaholic, intelligent, stress inducing, but wonderful boss. Baka mabasa nia eh.:P

My new family.:)

* bonding at Cerealicious Galleria. Owned by my boss. Naks yamaaaan.:P
* with our new member Garrett, our lovable intern. Gossip Boy!:P

Who said work can't be fun?:)

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