My Boring Sunday

I love slacking and I was able to do just that today! Okay not really. Since Ate Edna's (she was my sister's yaya and now she works for us once a week to do our laundry) husband died last week our clothes have mounted to infinity. Haha. I considered just bringing it to the laundry shop near our house but then I thought of the bill (since it is a lot of clothes) AND my mom said she lost a shirt when they brought their clothes there one time. So, no thanks. I did my own laundry. Better spend an hour doing it than lose my hard-earned clothes..in a laundry shop. So anyway, that was around 1 pm. Before that, at around 5 am I was watching SUGAR RUSH, a lezzie series in UK (thanks M i'll return it on Monday!) and ordered breakfast from Mcdonalds. Yeah, we are just super lazy to cook. And I was craving for french fries. :P I had to sleep at around 7 am since my mom keeps walking around the sala and I can't let her watch what's on 'coz she's a little homophobic. Well, she knows I have a gf but she doesn't have to know what we do in private. Hence, I turned the thing off and slept. When I got up again I was already in the mood to wash my clothes. And I'm never in the mood to do that. Maybe it's because Algn and I were still not okay. I needed something to do to distract myself. I also continued watching Sugar Rush and tried to covet the PC from my sister but since she's doing something more important (like work important) I gave in. Anyway, I also thought that if I sit infront of the PC I will only be tempted to email her. So at around 5 pm after my sister's done working I started with my little project again. I'm making a video for Algene (via Windows videomaker). I planned to send it on my birthday but since this is a perfect time to remind her of what we have, I will send it today. Now it's already 12am and I'm done with the video...and sent it. We're also kind of a little okay now. She messaged me first...asking me why I emailed her. So okay, I forgot to mention it (deliberately) but I sent her an email...a blank one. Arrrgh told myself I wouldn't. But she emailed back asking why and I did not answer back. It's just like in the movies wherein a girl/boy misses someone and tries to ring them, then when that someone picks up an unknown force sucks the courage out of them resulting to the "ringer" putting down the phone..fast. Even when they know that the person they called knows it is them. Haha! So going back, she asked me why I emailed her. And the lamest answer I could give her was, "Wrong Send". Hahaha! Even she knew it was crap. So I told her the truth, "I was thinking of you ALL DAY. And I just don't know what to tell you". And then she said SORRY. Then my heart melted again...So my birthday plan will push through after all. Although my one and only birthday wish is to be with her. ;C


  1. awww...
    pakyu ka pala. ang sakit na ng mata sa black background neto.

  2. eh basta gusto ko black! EMO ako eh! hahahaha!


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