Music is LOVE

I am a certified music junkie. I remember when I was still in grade school when tape/cassette recorders are still the Ipods of today, I would buy (more of hoard) blank tapes so I could record my favorite songs on the radio. I would save money just to be able to buy a 120-minute tape for P40-P60. There's still no Limewire or Frostwire or usb's, mp3s or ipods then. So it's either you buy an original tape of your favorite band from any music store or stand by the radio all day to be able to catch your favorite song and record it, using your blank tapes. Hehe. I remember this one day I acted sick just to skip school and record the Top 20 songs from LSFM. Hahaha!!! During that time the popular songs are "Pls. forgive me", "All for One" (from the 3 musketeers movie), "Til death do us part", OMG!!! And I would try to record it without the Dj's voice so imagine my frustration whenever the DJ keeps on blabbing 'til the songs intro. Haha. I would try to edit it by covering unwanted noises by blank sounds. Heehee. There are albums I bought and spent my hard-saved P250 for like Boyzone, Spice Girls (Spiceworld album), Hanson, and other cheesy bands. Well as for BSB and N'sync, my bro got it all covered! He bought them. Haha. I even bought a tape, I think it's more of a compilation of songs, with my ex-fave song DYING INSIDE! And we would dance (REALLY) while playing it over and over again. Oh yeah we loved Pop!!! and boybands AND girlbands. That's until my dad made me listen to his newly purchased No Doubt tape (my dad's a rocker, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd type of rocker). After that, I fell in love with Alternative...and joyously got over POP. I then bought more tapes but now of great musicians like Alanis Morissette, Gin Blossoms, Hootie and the Blowfish, etc. etc. They're still my favorite bands/musicians until now. :) After that is the CD player days, wherein I'll buy along Dapitan (UST) mp3 compilations then a little later came the Imesh, LImewire days.

So fastforward to now, I am sooo thankful the cassette tape era has gone kapootz. Although I still have my 13-year old cassette recorder. :) And it's still working! with a little wire twitching that is. And I'm so lovin' the net (where I could just download songs anytime) and my little Samsung mp3 player (with voice recorder! hehe) from Algene.:) Now our PC's in near crashing and constant complaining of low memory disk space because of the songs in it (and pictures hehe). BUT, I still miss my tapes. And I still smile (and laugh a little) whenever I remember my "Bryan Adam" days. When I have to literally sit beside my radio just to wait for any station to play my favorite songs. Now I can do it in one click of the mouse. Life maybe easier today but I have been more passionate with music before. And today I'm not anymore the person to ask about the latest tunes. Algene always ask me what's new on the airwaves. But she's always more aware of it than me. Haha! I am more of the 95's-00's era. My mp3 contains mostly songs from that time. And most of my favorite songs and bands and musicians are from that timespan. There are certain bands and musicians I love like: Alanis, U2, Incubus, Lifehouse and GooGooDolls. They are the chosen few whom I love every song they make. And for others, it's just some kind of a random thing. There are just certain songs I love for every era and genre.

Music is an avenue for me, a gateway of my emotions. The only type of music that could most likely make my heart skip or sink are sentimental ones or soft alternatives. Songs from Dashboard or Splender are songs I would most likely listen to when I'm on the road going to somewhere far with some scenic view by the window. These are songs I would listen to when I'm heartbroken, sad, frustrated, disappointed, or full of angst. Music is a powerful force. They could make me happy in a heartbeat or sad (sad=emo haha) with one snap of a finger. It can make me smile on a sad day or cry when i just can't let my emotions go. Music can also make and break a good tv or movie scene. When I was in 3rd year HS I chose to become a musical director in our class play than be part of the cast. I saw myself enjoying more picking out songs for every scene, than acting. It excited me more.

Everyday I discover new tunes to listen to. My collection keeps growing and growing. It's official. I'm in love with MUSIC.

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